Baltic Sea seal and cormorant TNC project

Around the Baltic Sea countries have started a cooperation project between a large partnership, 14 FLAGs (Fishing Local Action Groups). The aim is to find new solutions together for sustainable small scale costal fishery to continue and coexist with increasing seal and cormorant populations.

Seals and cormorants cause a lot of obstacles for traditional fishing using equipment like gillnets and traps. The fishermen claim that the increasing populations of seals and cormorants are the biggest obstacles to keep the fishery industry alive. New methods have to be developed and tested. Since this concerns small scale fishery industry in Northern Baltic Sea, it is reasonable to cooperate closely on these issues.

Therefore the concerned FLAGs start a project to collect and summarise results from research in the participating countries regarding the impact of seal and cormorant on small scale coastal fishery in the Baltic Sea Region. The aim is to bring a common message from these fishermen to decision makers at local, regional, national and European level to find ways to decrease the negative impact of this predation. As a result a network and platform for exchange of experiences and best practice will be formed for FLAGs and their stakeholders in the Baltic Sea Region.

The first the study was made by Anu Sjögren as a bachelor's thesis (May 2018). The objective of this thesis was to study economic losses for professional fishermen, caused by Baltic sea seals and cormorants and the legal basis for indemnity in Finland. The purpose of this thesis was to help the ongoing Baltic Sea Seal and Cormorant trans national cooperation project. It can be found at the bottom of the page by Finnish; Opinnäytetyö A. Sjögren.

The first joint meeting was held in Helsinki 1st of November 2017. The appointment presentation can be found at the bottom of the page.


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